How to enrol

You can book your place on a course online, by phone or in person depending on how the course is funded and whether you apply for concessions. 

You can enrol online on Adult Community (Leisure and wellbeing) courses regardless you pay the full fee or apply for fee reduction, just click on ‘ENROL NOW’ button and follow the prompts on the screen to complete the enrolment.

You can only enrol by phone on Adult Community courses if you pay the full fee, please call 0208 891 5907.

If you are enrolling on a qualification course or applying for concessions you will need to enrol in person and provide the required documents, these include: 

Photo ID

  • Passport or driving licence

If you are not a British Citizen, you will also need to bring:

  • Passport
  • UK Travel Document
  • UK Immigration Status Document
  • UKBA/Home Office letter
  • Letter from Asylum Support service or NASS or Social Services
  • Any other proof of your residency status
  • NI number, if applying for concession

Concessionary evidence if applying for concession:

Please visit the link to find out what you need to bring in:

Unemployment Offer: You can enrol on a course for free if you are unemployed or employed but earning less than £338 a month and receiving state benefits.

Low Wage Offer: You can enrol on a course for free if you are employed but earning less than £20,960 per annum (full or part-time) and live within the Greater London Authority (GLA), or you earn less than £16,009.50 and live outside the GLA.

Hardship Bursary: You may receive 50% fee reduction if your household income is not more than £27,000 per year (NET) Please upload your evidence to find out if we can help you: 

Sponsored enrolment

Please bring a letter or an email from your sponsor confirming that they are paying your tuition fee and including the following details:

  • Names of the employees
  • Title and code of course
  • Cost of course/ amount they pay
  • Company details: address, phone & email
  • Role and title of person within the company who is writing the letter/email