Eduroam is a Wi-Fi service available to learners and staff of Colleges and Universities around the world. Using your RHACC email address, you can connect your phone, laptop or other device to the eduroam Wi-Fi network and use it for free. Please remember that, as with any College IT facility, you must keep to our IT Acceptable Use Policy which is on the College Website There are also special conditions for eduroam


Step by Step Instructions for most devices are available here: Eduroam WiFi Setup Guide


Quick setup:

Use these links to download the geteduroam app for your device and follow instructions to add your account to activate your account. Full guide in the Step by Step instuctions above.

Apple iOS/iPadOS/Mac

If you change your college password please remember to forget the eduroam network on your device first then run the geteduroam app to setup your account again once you have set your new college password.