Hillcroft Centenary Writing Competition

Writing Competition!



This year we are celebrating 100 years of Hillcroft as a college championing education for women. Hillcroft has a strong link to Creative Writing with a wide range of courses being offered there. We are proud to have award-winning author and former RHACC student, Jess Kidd, confirmed as the College’s first ever Writer in Residence. Many students have benefitted from Jess' input and personal advice on her Centenary Writing Workshops. Female RHACC students are invited to enter one of our creative writing competitions!

Prizes will be £100 for the winner and £50 for the runner-up in each category. There will also be a peoples vote across all three categories.

The categories:

Children's Literature

A 500 word story suitable for children.

Script Writing for Life

A short play on the theme of Writing from Life. The play should be 10 minutes duration ans have a maximum of 3 characters. Winning enrty will be shared and performed in our Queen Charlotte Hall Theatre.

Writing for Wellbeing

A 500 word Writing from Life piece written about your own life experiences.

To register for the competition, click here. 

The winner will be announced at our celebration on the 17th October to mark the centenary of the former Hillcroft Women’s College which became part of RHACC in October 2017, all entrants will be invited to the event. 

All the winners, runners up and entries of the above competitions will be published on our website (all entries)/in a book (selected entries) with a forward written by our Writer in Residence and award winning author Jess Kidd.

For Rules, Terms and Conditions, click here.