How to Access Online or Remote Learning

Please find advice below about getting set up to join our online classes.

Learner Instructions - Teams

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Want some instruction? Why not join our free class to learn about all the online tools you need to join our online programme. It's just a one hour course so easy to fit in and will get you fully prepared for online learning. - Join here. 

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Online tools:

  • College Email
  • Microsoft Office
  • Moodle
  • Microsoft Teams

Please see details below of how to access these:

College Email

You already have a student email in the format  

Your student number is the same as your learner ID, if you do not know this your tutor can help you. 

Your email password is your date of birth in a numeric format eg. 19/01/1965 would be 19011965. 

If you are getting an invitation to an online class, you will need to access your student email. 

To access your student email click the link here and log in as described above.

Click here to watch how to access Student number and password.

Microsoft Office

As a RHACC learner, you have FREE access to Microsoft Office with your student email. 

Click on this link and log in using your college email as above. You can then download the software including the latest versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. 

Click here to watch how RHACC learners can get Microsoft Office for free.


Many resources are provided through our online learning portal which is called Moodle. 

Click this link to log in using your college email as above.

Click here to watch how to access Moodle online for RHACC learners.

Microsoft Teams

The software needed for online classes is called Microsoft Teams. You can download Microsoft Teams here. 

Teams is available for your PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone.  Go to your App store and download it. It's FREE, just sign in using your college email as above. You can then join your classes easily when your tutor sends you a link.

Click here to watch how RHACC learners can access their online class through Teams Calendar.

Click here to watch how to access Microsoft Teams through RHACC student email.

Click here to watch how to access Microsoft Teams PDF.

Need help or advice?

Please don't worry if some of this is new to you - you are not alone!  If you are experiencing any problems with connection or installing software for your online class please contact our learning resource team via the Support Support Form.  We are here to help you.