COVID Vaccines Explained

We were delighted to host an important community information event this week – when Chair of Governors and immunologist Professor Andrew George and Professor Katie Urch from Imperial College Healthcare provided an expert overview of the COVID 19 Vaccines and how they work.

The event which was delivered online had over 100 attendees, who were walked through the history of vaccines, how the Covid vaccines have been developed and tested and how the roll out of the vaccine programme is having a marked impact on the rate of infection and the spread of the virus.

Attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters and were able to hear expert opinion about the current situation.


Attendees at the event commented:

"Thank you for a great presentation. Informative and interesting"

"Thank you for a very interesting talk. Lots of interesting comments and observations. I feel better informed."

"Thank you very much for organising this. I am a medic and this is the sort of thing we need done on television"

"Great talk. A privilege for us in Richmond to hear. Thank you both very much."

The view the event – see the recording below.

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