Employability and IAG Offer

At RHACC, we offer impartial Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) to help you choose the correct career path or learning opportunity. With workshops and courses delivered by our qualified careers adviser, you can get accurate and professional guidance on career and education choices like UCAS, CVs, Interview Skills and more.

Our IAG Manager Jackie Simmons has created a video guiding us through what IAG you can receive at RHACC to start you on your learning or career journey. Watch here.

Our Employability and IAG offer includes the following:

One to one sessions with our careers adviser – getting advice on your particular situation so you can get the guidance you need.

Short workshop sessions – these focus on key career enhancing topics, including CV Writing, Interview Skills, Networking and more.

Career Transitions course – many people have had to rethink their career plans recently and these short courses help build resilience, develop skills and grow confidence, enhancing employment prospects and future career opportunities. 

Career Change Enhancement course – many over 40s have been left unemployed as a result of the pandemic and want to change industry. This course helps people learn to celebrate and develop their transferable skills, enhancing their career opportunities. 

These are only some examples of the services we offer. To find out more, or to make an appointment, head here.