Make those New Year’s Resolutions happen!

Time to put those New Year’s Resolutions into action! We’ve got over 2000 courses on offer so if  ‘learn something new’ or ‘progress in your career’ are top of the list for 2018 then take a look at our full range of courses.

Gabrielle Flint, Principal explains why RHACC is the ideal college for both the leisure and professional learner: “We know that as motivated as people can be at this time of year, taking that first step into adult learning can be daunting. As soon as people walk through our doors though they sense the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere we’re renowned for and it makes taking that challenging step all the more easier. Whether you’d like to go university, are looking to develop your professional skills or are determined to make 2018 the year you finally took up that new hobby – we’re here for all abilities, ages, genders and cultures. Come and join our community”.

RHACC has a beautiful campus with a huge variety of opportunities available. It has also extended its programme at Hillcroft in Surbiton – which continues its women-only classes, but has launched new courses open to everyone – including new art and design, philosophy, creative writing and language courses.

For information on the full range of courses please click on the link