RHACC Celebrates GCSE Results Day 2022

Over a million student’s celebrated their GCSE results on the 25th August; this is the first year since COVID-19 learners have sat an external exam. 

Congratulations to all our learners who received their GCSE Results.

Some RHACC GCSE students came to our Parkshot Campus to collect their results and talk about their experiences:

Halyna Mykhlyk - Grade 4 English

''English is not my first language so I had many challenges when studying. However, my tutors were so helpful and supported me throughout my difficulties. Receiving my Grade 4 in English has made me so happy as I can now start my new job.''

Tony James - Grade 5 English 

''I PASSED! Studying English has been an incredible journey. I'm really happy that I now have both my GCSE Maths and English and can't wait to return in September to study GCSE Chemistry this year.''

Micheal Fulton - Grade 5 Maths

''My partner suggested studying again as she does an Art course here - I thought why not get my Maths qualification and I did! I am really happy with my grade and can't wait to continue studying in September.''

Saskia Hayes - Grade 7 Maths

''I am very happy with my results! Getting my GCSE Maths was fundamental for me as I will be starting at Roehampton University in September. I can't wait to further progress in my career, thank you RHACC.''

David Miller-Holland - Grade 6 English 

''I'm so happy! I was dreading doing my GCSE English due to my experience in school. However, after taking my maths last year - I knew I could get my English and I did. I want to thank my tutors immensely as I wouldn't have achieved my Grade 6 in English without them... I am just over the moon.''


Congratulations to all our students who received their results! Are you unsure of what to do next or didn’t get the grades you hoped for? Our Information and Guidance Manager can guide you in the right direction with courses and careers advice here, or you can click here to browse our wide range of courses. Enrol now for September!