Update on Lockdown Restrictions

Please note that following the government’s update yesterday (4th January) - all classes, where possible, will be delivered online.  For those classes where online delivery is not possible, we will be in touch regarding future arrangements and if we need to apply a credit to your account. We are still awaiting guidance regarding Supported Learning provision and will update you as soon as we know more. 

Our staff will remain available remotely via live chat on our website and by email and phone should you need advice about courses or enrolling on a course for January. If you can, then please enrol online or by phone. If you are unable to enrol remotely and need additional help then please contact us via live chat, email or telephone on 020 8891 5907 and we can arrange an appointment for you to talk to an adviser. Please do not come into the college without a pre-arranged appointment as your safety and that of our staff is our main priority.

We are also hosting a number of virtual open days if you would like to talk to tutors - see details here.

Putting Your Safety First

We are committed to putting your safety first and as such have moved much of our provision online.

For classes that are run onsite we have the following measures in place:

  • Applying the rule of six in public areas of the college and in many classes
  • Enhanced cleaning and multiple sanitiser units throughout the campus
  • Use of screens where there is face to face interaction
  • Use of face coverings and visors in all public places
  • Additional cleaning materials for in-class cleaning
  • Teachers presenting from a 2m exclusion zone (with visors)
  • Technology to allow live streaming for in-class and remote demonstrations
  • Innovative class structure combining onsite and on campus lessons

Please see our Covid-19 Risk Assessments here

If you have any questions please email info@rhacc.ac.uk

Face Coverings

The latest government guidance for colleges recommends the wearing of face coverings in public spaces, therefore we will ask everyone to wear a mask in communal areas of the College. In the teaching areas, if there is two metre distancing and good ventilation, then face coverings are not required, however you can still choose to wear one if you wish.  Where social distancing of two metres is not possible, then we will ask everyone to wear a face covering. 

Those who are exempted from wearing a face covering for health reasons will not be required to wear one.

*Please ensure you dispose of your masks hygienically and if they are multi use please store them in a sealable bag when not in use.

Teaching and Demonstrations

  • Most classrooms have been arranged so all desks face forward and there is space to the side and the front.  Workshops and studios have also been rearranged to allow space between workstations or class sizes have been reduced.
  • Teachers will deliver the classes from within a two-metre exclusion zone.
  • Where it is not possible to provide two metre distancing - then everyone will be asked to wear a face covering.  
  • Screens will also be used in some areas to divide workspaces where this is considered necessary.
  • New technology is being used to allow tutors to live-stream demonstrations, allowing those who are vulnerable to join their class from home. This has the added advantage of minimising the need for closer personal interaction with learners in class, as the close-up work can be viewed on a screen.

Movement Around Campus

There is clear directional signage around the College buildings to allow for safe movement. We ask that you follow the signage to help maintain social distancing and safe flow of movement.

Onsite Refreshments

Onsite refreshments are available form our cafe where a takeaway service is being operated. We have spacious outdoor seating for when the weather is fine, which is socially distanced and clean. You will be allowed to eat and drink in the classroom during break times. 

Worries or Concerns

We want everyone to feel safe coming back to RHACC and for classes to resume to as close to normal as possible. If you have any worries or concerns, or have any specific needs then please email info@rhacc.ac.uk.

Health Advice

We continue to stress the importance of good day to day hygiene on site - which will include continued emphasis on regular hand washing, wearing of face coverings where required and safe practice when coughing or sneezing (into your elbow or a tissue which is disposed of safely).

Should you show any signs or symptoms of coronavirus or have been in contact with someone who has – you should follow the government advice and self-isolate. If you feel unwell while at college you should advise your tutor, follow the government advice about testing and go home and self-isolate for the required period. 

Important Contacts

Keeping in Touch