Support at Hillcroft

Dyslexia & Dyspraxia Support Service

This includes a specialist assessment, tutor support, software and equipment to assist you and special exam arrangements where necessary.

Additional Learning Support

This is for individual needs such as literacy, numeracy or ESOL. Support can be provided in class or one-to-one.

Disability Support

We always try to offer appropriate support for learners who experience visual or hearing impairment, mental health issues, mobility issues or who are differently abled in other ways. Please talk to us before you start your course to discuss your individual needs.

Wellbeing Service

We have a part-time student counsellor who provides emotional support for issues which may impact on your learning. In addition, we offer a range of other well-being services through local partners.

Learning Zone

Learning Zone Tutors can help you find information, plan your learning and improve the study skills you need to develop for your course.

Library and Learning Resources Centre (LRC)

We have a wide range of books, newspapers, journals, e-books, DVDs and audio CDs and careers materials.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Online course resources and activities to support your studies, in college and when you are at home.