As of the 1st October 2017 Richmond Adult and Community College merged with Hillcroft College to form a new legal entity called Richmond and Hillcroft Adult and Community College. Therefore the details below relate to the former entity. Information about the new Governance structure will be posted soon.


The Richmond and Hillcroft Adult and Community College Governing Body plays an important role in setting the educational character and vision for the College.

Governors help to ensure that the College is well run and serves the needs of the local community by making decisions on key issues which help to raise standards. The Governing Body approves the annual budget and the capital and investment strategy as well as the College's quality strategy. It is the employer of the staff and management of the College.

The Governing Body can have a maximum of 16 members; 13 independent governors, 1 staff governor, 1 student governor and the Principal. There are 5 full Governing Body meetings each academic year, however the members may also be required to meet on other occasions such as for Governors' development events.

Governors are volunteers who receive no remuneration for their service, however they are entitled to claim reasonable expenses should they wish to do so.

Only Governors and senior post holders of RHACC may attend meetings of the Governing Body. Non-governors can only attend Governing Body meetings by invitation from the Chair after consultation with the Principal. Invitations are generally only made when there is a business requirement, or where the Chair has specifically given permission for the person to attend. The same attendance principles apply to Committees, although non-Governors are sometimes appointed to be committee members.

The Governing Body in documentation can also referred to as the Board, or the Corporation.

RHACC Committees

There are four Committees that report directly into the Governing Body:

  • The Audit Committee
  • The Search & Governance Committee
  • The Finance & Resources Committee
  • The Quality & Standards Committee

The Audit Committee advises the Board on the adequacy and effectiveness of the Corporation's systems of internal control and its arrangements for risk management and securing economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

The Search & Governance Committee reviews all matters of governance, determines the range of skills and experience required on the Board, and approves and develops training programmes for the Governors. It is responsible for considering all matters relating to the recruitment of Governors, and their appointment and re-appointment. As the Committee's work is of a sensitive and often personal nature, its proceedings are largely confidential.

The Finance & Resources Committee is responsible for the scrutiny of financial aspects of the College, along with equality & diversity, safeguarding, human resources and health & safety.

The Quality & Standards Committee reviews RHACC's quality strategy, the curriculum and its provision in the context of the educational character and mission of RHACC, compliance with internal and external quality assurance regulations (including self-assessment and inspection and the rules concerning the conduct of students.

Governance documents

Further information is available for inspection at the College:

  • The Instrument and Articles of Government for the Richmond Adult and Community College Corporation
  • The Governing Body's Standing Orders
  • Board agendas
  • Board and Committee minutes (link to minutes page)
  • The register of interests of the current members of the Governing Body

Items classified as confidential are excluded from inspection.

Anyone wishing to inspect the items listed above should contact the Clerk:

The Clerk to the Governing Body
Richmond and Hillcroft Adult and Community College
Richmond upon Thames
020 8891 5907

Copies of the Instrument and Articles of Government can be obtained by application to the Clerk.