Functional Skills English Level 1

You will consolidate skills in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking at Level 1 for functional purposes for work and life in general on this qualification course involving exams. The qualification in Functional English L1 leads to L2 which is a stepping stone course onto GCSE English.

Course Content

You will read a variety of everyday texts such as letters, emails, articles, blogs and leaflets and be expected to answer questions on them. You will have opportunities to practice extracting explicit and implicit answers from texts that encourage genuine enquiry into different topics and themes.?

You will also be expected to write competently in a variety of formats after looking carefully at different questions and stimulus including but not limited to letters, emails, articles, leaflets and blogs. You will be able to demonstrate a confident control of Standard English and write grammatically correct sentences, deploying figurative language with a focus on language and presentation features when analysing texts as well. Furthermore, you will complete formal and informal group discussions for the assessed Speaking and Listening component of the course, enabling you to become a confident communicator in everyday work and life situations.

Entry Requirements

No prior skills or qualifications are needed for this course. However, admission onto the course is through interview with an E3 on your BKSB test and L1 on your free writing test being required for admission.

First Class Requirements

Paper, pens and a ring-binder to store course handouts in as well as a copy of the ‘Edexcel Functional English Level 1 Student Book.’

Attendance Requirements

You are expected to attend every class and where attendance is not possible, you need to phone in or contact your tutor by email to let them know. In addition, you are expected to take exams in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking on this course. This is not a leisure course. If you would prefer to improve your literacy skills without taking exams, please enquire about the English Skills courses we have on offer instead.

Assessment Methods

Reading, Writing and Listening and Speaking assessments in class will be covered as practice for the final exams in the same areas (Reading 45 min paper, Writing, 45 min paper, Speaking and Listening formal and informal group discussions across 30 mins). If you are successful in your final exams, you will obtain a L1 certificate at the end of the course.

Further Study Options

With this qualification, you can go onto L2 and then onto GCSE English. The L1 qualification will help you to hone your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for work, life and self-improvement purposes.

Additional Information

You will be expected to purchase a copy of ‘Edexcel Functional English Level 1 Student Book’ (ISBN: 9781846908804) before the course starts.