Jazz Vocal Performance

Your course led by Linley Weir will further develop your jazz singing in a practical, fun and creative environment which will offer you much opportunity to perform. Your individual style will be nurtured and developed throughout the course.

Course Content

Your course will present a nurturing environment and solid grounding for developing your jazz singing. Sessions will include activities and topics such as :

Developing an awareness and appreciation of your voice and how to develop it to best support your singing.
Developing a structured practice routine and development program.
Learning and fully appreciating each song in your repertoire.
Understanding form and song structure
Developing confidence and all aspects of performance skills
Working with and communicating with other musicians
Listening to and appreciating the classic vocalists

Entry Requirements

You will be able to sing some songs already although not necessarily jazz and have some appreciation of pitch.
Some knowledge of music theory will be useful and level 1 literacy important as handouts will be distributed at different times to reinforce learning.

First Class Requirements

Notebook and pencil

Attendance Requirements

Attendance throughout the course will help you gain maximum benefit from the course.

Assessment Methods

There is no formal assessment on this course although you will be able to identify individual goals and later reflect on your development. Your tutor will assess your learning and progress through the practical nature of the classes.

Additional Information

The course will include some performance opportunities at college concerts and events including a weekly Saturday lunchtime ‘open mic’ session. Your tutor may recommend some music reference books and recordings to listen to.

If you require further course information or advice & guidance that is not answered in this outline please email

Please note that whilst most of the classes in your course will be classroom based, the final session of the course may be in the form of a cross college jazz concert evening and so may not be on the same day and time of your course .