Science Entry Level Certificate

This course follows the AQA Entry Level Science syllabus, covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Course Content

There are 3 Sections on this Syllabus:

Biology – Keeping Healthy
How do diet, exercise and the use of drugs affect human health?
What are the causes of diseases and what defences do humans have against them? How do hormones affect processes within the human body?

Chemistry – Materials from the Earth
How do rocks provide building materials?
How are metals used?
What do humans use crude oil for?
What are the environmental effects of using fuels?

Physics – Energy transfer and Efficiency
How is energy transferred by heating?
What affects the rate of transfer of energy by heating?
What is meant by the efficient use of energy?
How can we insulate our homes?

Practical Skills
You will also learn about –
Designing an experiment
Making measurements or observations
Recording data
Presenting data
Identifying patterns and relationships

Entry Requirements

In order to enrol onto this course you need to have established skills at Entry 3 Maths and Entry 3 English as a minimum. You will need to sit a computer based initial assessment to indicate and evidence your current level of Maths and English.

If you have been asked to complete an English and/or maths screening test, it is important that you read the following information –
• You should allow sufficient time for the screening test (up to 1 hour per test), so that you are not rushed.
• You should take the screening tests seriously, as the tests results will determine which course/s you can enrol on
• If you do not achieve the required levels on the screening tests for your chosen course, then you will not be offered a place on the course.
• It would be sensible to complete the screening tests on a separate day prior to the interview
• Please note we only allow one attempt at these screening assessments

If you wish to practise for these initial assessments you can do so at

First Class Requirements

You should bring along an A4 writing pad as well as a selection of pens, pencil, ruler and highlighters. You will also need to purchase a Scientific calculator – preferably one of the Casio FX series which will cost in the region of c£9.00 – though if you already have a Scientific calculator, it should suffice for the course. Please discuss this with your tutor. You need to bring these resources with you to each session unless directed by the tutor.

Attendance Requirements

You attendance is required at each and every session. You are expected to have 100% attendance. If you feel you can’t commit to this expected level of attendance, then you should consider whether this is a suitable course for you. If you are unable to attend any one session then you are asked to notify the tutor in advance so that they can liaise with you on the work and topics which will be covered during that session. We must stress though that attendance at every session is important for you as a learner and for your tutor as well as your class mates as it ensures continuity in the teaching and consequently in your learning.

Assessment Methods

Your assessment is through a minimum of 3 x 45 minute written tests taken in class time and a minimum of 3 different assessed practical experiments also taken in class time.

Further Study Options

You can progress to GCSE Science course.

Additional Information

Please be aware that there is a significant level of commitment required of you in order to successfully complete this course. If you are willing to commit to the course and the college in this way then we will support you through the course.

You will be expected to do at least 1 to 2 hours of homework per week.