RHACC Music Education Summit Meeting

Queen Charlotte Hall Theatre, Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College, Parkshot, Richmond, TW9 2RE

22 Jan 2020 - 18:00 - 19:30

This event is designed to explore:

·         The future of music education

·         Case study approaches and ideas

·         The importance of music education

·         Next steps



Charlie Pyne
 (Jazz Musician) will tell us about the hugely successful Camden Light Orchestra that she founded.

Ian McGarvie(Programme Manager of Performing Arts) will talk about the Richmond Jazz School offer here at RHACC.

Nick Skinner(Community Arts Director) will talk about the value of music in terms of social, communicative, cognitive, expressive and creative benefits. Music represents life, love and everything between.

Caroline Peirson and Bethany Calder (Richmond Music Trust) will describe the current provision offered by the Richmond Music Trust.  They will be on hand to discuss emerging ideas and developments.

Special Guest:
Terry Seabrook (leading figure in UK jazz) Will discuss his work on the music of Wayne Shorter and as composer, a number of examination pieces in the current ABRSM Jazz graded syllabus.


Admission: FREE, book your ticket here.