Learning online! See how our classes are working

We have now put 60% of our classes online. Online learning allows you to stay in touch with others while continuing to develop your skills and interests. Our learners and tutors have been sharing their examples of successful remote learning. 

Tell us how you are doing - send us pictures and comments here.

If you have a question or need assistance getting online for your class, contact our team here.

Cooking and Baking

Our learners have been getting experimental in their own kitchen, creating some amazing dishes. Bread making, Vegetarian Cookery and more.

Check out our cookery tutor Laura, who gave a free lesson by video, on how to make quick and simple Spicy Moroccan eggs. View here.

We are planning to run many more baking and cookery courses online – so see what’s on offer. Click here.


Art and Design

Our creative learners have been sending through their ‘studio’ setups at home along with their pieces of work - complete or in progress!

To browse our online Art courses for the spring term - click here.


Feedback from Learners

We are getting some great feedback from learners who are truly enjoying the online experience during this period of self-isolation – hear’s what they are saying:

“Studying online has really been very interactive, enjoyable and less stressful.  My tutor has been ever so supportive” 

"Laura’s recipes, pace and explanation is brilliant and I value her as a teacher very much."

"I feel at this time particularly the benefits to running the courses for the community is immense. Social contact, learning a new skill and the mental health of individuals is crucial during the lockdown and beyond."

Online learning ought to continue to help us stay connected and protect our mental health. It is so nice to be able to continue with the lessons as they were a very important part of my week giving my life more meaning and beauty. 

"I'm thoroughly enjoying the online experience and as someone who is in the high-risk category with enforced isolation for three months would like to join for April".

"I enjoyed the class and look forward to next week."

"Great that so many of the group joined in.'"

"Really enjoyed seeing everyone else's efforts."

"It’s extremely helpful to be able to continue learning Spanish, something I had not expected would be possible. In these difficult times, the classes also provide much-needed camaraderie and ‘normalness’."

"The classes are excellent. We work throughout. There are always news moves to explore and everything is carefully explained. Elena is inspirational and never lets up."

Keep in touch

If you have been enjoying your classes or have some great work to share – we would love to know how you are getting on.

You can send your images/feedback to your tutor, @ us on social media or email direct here.

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Let's continue to share our work and inspire others!