Expressions of interest for funding to deliver adult community learning pathways in Richmond and Kingston

We would like to work in partnership with community organisations in Kingston and Richmond to ensure that these learning opportunities are provided directly to those who need them, and to build stronger links for progression for adults engaging in community learning.

Community groups may be already delivering learning activities, or be interested in providing a new activity for their target groups.   RHACC is inviting applications from these groups for funding to help them to provide these activities.

  • This is intended primarily for people who have a particular need (for example, disability, learning difficulty, ESOL, carers, elderly, isolated, troubled families, unemployed, low-income, disadvantaged in some other way).
  •  The learning activity can be short (one day, just a few weeks), or longer (up to a year).
  • The activity may take place on a provider’s premises close to the target community, or it may be possible for RHACC to provide a space on a college site, as long as the learners are new learners, not currently participating in RHACC provision.
  • The learning activity should have a structure, to include a course or activity outline with intended learning outcomes, and a timetable.  RHACC will provide simple templates for this.
  • The intended outcomes of the course or activity may be related to employability and skills, or may be linked to health and wellbeing, independent living, personal development or community cohesion.
  • We will require some records to be kept and submitted to us at agreed intervals, such as a register, simple records of achievement, and evaluation forms.  We will also visit to view the activity, to provide support for the provider and check that all is happening as per the application.
  • RHACC will provide training and support to providers working in partnership with the College, and where appropriate, information, advice and guidance (IAG) for participants on the learning activities. 
  • The funding that RHACC can provide is limited, and will vary depending on the specific nature of the activity, support provided, number of participants, and whether it is on the provider’s own premises.  However, the activity provider may charge participants a fee on top of the funding provided by RHACC, which can be used to contribute to costs of staffing, materials, accommodation etc.
  • Successful applications are likely to involve a minimum of eight participants in a group learning activity.

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please complete the Expression of Interest form here - Gaynor Bray, Vice Principal Teaching and Learning will be in touch - should you need any more information then please email:

We will then arrange to visit you to discuss your course/ activity, and next steps.