Julian Costello

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Julian Costello is a London-based musician, composer and teacher. He has a scholarship from Trinity College of Music where he received a Postgraduate Certificate of Performance in the Saxophone. Julian writes the music for the Julian Costello Quartet, plays in a number of jazz big Bands, in a vocal/cello and guitar trio and in a world music trio that uses tabla, guitar/loops and soprano saxophone.

Transitions, the latest album by the Julian Costello Quartet, will be released in September 2017 on 33 Jazz Records. It was recorded at Artesuono Studio in Udine, Italy and mixed and mastered by ECM engineer Stefano Amerio.

This new Quartet features Maciek Pysz on guitar, Yuri Goloubev/Michele Tacchi on bass and Adam Teixeira on drums. They have been playing venues in London and the UK to sell out crowds.

This quirky quartet loves to jam, is full of humour and has been playings concerts as a segue, a continious unbroken set. By the end of the first set, so much tension has built up that the release of pent-up applause by the audience is fantastic.

The critic Ian Mann wrote: "The combination of soprano saxophone and guitar was highly effective and Costello adopted a warm, clarinet like tone on his soprano ... on an episodic piece that also featured some exquisite interplay between Pysz and Costello."



Music Degree 2-1

Postgraduate Certificate in Performance Saxophone

PGCE in Music



Published Work:

Four CDs by The Julian Costello Quartet. Registered composer with PRS.