Foundation Acting - Techniques for Performance

This course is designed to expand your experience of acting and to increase the range of choices and techniques you can use as an actor.

The course is also appropriate for students with Level 3 qualifications already who may wish to add a year to support applications to and Universities or Drama Schools.

Last academic year, one student received a scholarship to the Stella Adller School of Acting in New York. Two students were offered places at Drama Studio London. One student was offered a place with the original founders of Drama Center.

Applicants need to be 19 years or over.

Please email to book your audition.

Course Content

Term 1 Developing skills for performance

This unit provides an opportunity for learners to assess the skills required for acting and explore the benefits and practicalities of skills development. Learners will understand the importance of rehearsals in the development of their skills.

This term provides an opportunity for you to explore and learn the skills required for acting. You will prepare audition speeches and a scene with other learners. There will also be a live show case performance at the end of term. These be filmed and be available to you for a show reel. We aim to help you learn how to audition competitively for drama schools or professional work. You are being assessed from the moment you walk in the door! So making a positive entrance is very important. We will also widening your experience of different plays and scripts and how the actor uses the text. You will be guided into which audition speeches we think will work best for you and you will rehearse these along with a scene. This will culminate in an end of term showcase which will be filmed in 4k. As you progress you will build up a portfolio of film work and create a show reel. You are also encouraged to keep a reflective practitioner journal. On completion of this course you can progress onto our term 2 and 3 courses. Term 2 Prepare and Perform and Term 3 Screen Acting
Course Content
This course will help you find out where you are as an actor. You will
Learn new skills to improve your acting including Method Acting techniques, Voice work and Movement techniques.
Learn how to do this safely by using your voice and body correctly
Recognise what you need to work on as an actor to improve.
Understand the importance of rehearsals and how these correctly improves your performance in the development of their skills.

Term 2 Prepare and perform

This unit develops the understanding and effectiveness of preparing for, taking part in and evaluating a performance, taking into consideration the needs of the audience. This course enables a more in-depth use of your news skills and an exploration of a play - usually about one hour in length. We will look at how to rehearse. How to use the process for the best results. In the past we have performed Chekhov's The Three Sisters and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and Romeo and Juliet. It is expected that applicants have some experience of preparing for production. This could be other acting courses or that you have attended and successfully completed our Term 1 Developing skills for performance course. On completion of this course you can progress onto our term 3 Screen Acting course.

Course Content
You will
Understand how rehearsing correctly and checking on your performance really helps you perform better for an audience.
Recognise what style of play you are performing in.
Show you how to research a play and a character.
Understand what the text suggests and demands of you as a performer.
Rehearse in a professional, productive and responsible way.
Keep yourself and others safe in rehearsal e.g. when stage fighting

Term 3 Screen Acting

This unit provides an opportunity for learners to assess and explore the skills required for performing on screen. Learners will understand the importance of building their performance before arriving on set and learn how to adapt this work to the directors wishes and the technical demands of film making .
Students will recorded during sessions and be able to assess their skills and will rehearse and take part in a short film and be able to use this for you show reel. There will be a premiere of your work at the end of term. It is expected that applicants have some experience of preparing for production. This could be other acting course or that you have attended and successfully completed our Term 1 Developing Skills for Performance course
Course Content
You will learn
The technical aspects of film acting: the different shots.
How to vary the size of your performance
How to use your voice correctly on set.
The importance of the frame.
The importance of being able to replicate a performance and business.
How rehearsal and preparation for film and television is different from stage work and how best to prepare for giving the best performance

Safety Information
We want to keep you safe while you are at RHACC and as such all on-site classes will be run under strict social distancing guidelines with smaller class sizes and additional hygiene procedures in place. Please act responsibly and do not attend the class if you display any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in recent contact with someone who has. Please see government advice here.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this course you must be 19 or over on 31st August prior to the course start date.

Level 2 Literacy and Language ability (GCSE or equivalent) is advisable, due to script reading and performance requirements

Please email to book your place.

First Class Requirements

Please wear comfortable black clothes that enable you to move freely.

Every lesson will require a note book and pen.

Please bring a water bottle

Attendance Requirements

Regular attendance (minimum 90%) is needed to ensure that you are able to cover all of the course content and gain the most from the course.

Assessment Methods

As this is a practical course you will be required to take part in all practical performances

Regular informal feedback and support will be provided.

Further Study Options

You may wish to apply for a drama school offering Degree Level Courses, university, or other Higher Education establishments.Recently students have found places at the Stella Adler method acting School Academy in New York
Drama Studio London.
The Court Theatre.
St Mary?s University.
Four Monkeys
University in Roehampton

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You may be expected to purchase scripts and given the opportunity to participate in theatre visits, backstage tours etc for a competitive price