RHACC Career Courses and Workshops

RHACC holds regular Career Pathway Workshops and Employability Courses for learners who are unemployed, looking for work or a change of career. Discover your strengths, qualities and transferable skills. Write a CV, do job searches and practice interview skills.


Career Pathway Workshops

Career Pathway Workshops range from short one off sessions or more in depth programmes spread over 2 weeks.

At Career Pathways Workshops we regularly feature a range of guest speakers throughout the year and volunteering opportunities. Using KUDOS skills assessment tool, we can help to map your current skillset and planning possible career pathways for future opportunities

To attend the RHACC Career Pathway Workshops, you must be a RHACC student and your English skills must be at or working towards level 1 or above. These sessions are for RHACC learners who are unemployed, looking for work or a change of career, what ever your level from employee to manager or executive.

A certificate will be awarded for each course completed in our Career Pathway workshops.

Study Skills Support

Are you feeling daunted starting your new course at the college or struggling to complete the work/assignments, or not sure on some techniques such as planning or referencing? We can support you with this, on a one-to-one basis. To make your appointment, please email iag@rhacc.ac.uk


Employability Courses

These courses are for those looking for guidance into a new career. 

Course Description  
Seasonal Job Search Explore how to job search & apply for seasonal work, different types of contracts, conditions Email us here
Career Transition Programme

Explore 5 themes:

  • Managing Change & Planning for the Future
  • Building Resilience
  • Working Together – value the differences
  • Developing Personal Brand Identity Online
  • Beyond Resilience – Thriving in uncertain times

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Over 40s Career Change Enhancer Programme

Explore 4 themes:

  • Managing Change & Planning for the Future
  • Professional Planning
  • Interview techniques
  • Networking & Future Pathways

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Career Pathway Workshops

These workshops below are available for RHACC learners, enrolment can be completed online, by telephone or at the College. 




How to write a Winning CV

Your CV is a perfect chance to express your qualities and experience to an employer. Learn how to write and tailor your CV.

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How to write an Effective Personal Statement

Explore the importance of developing a personal identity that is consistent and commercially appealing to support your job applications.

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How to Ace your Interview

Explore different interview techniques and how to show yourself at your best to employers.

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Study Skills Support

Support to help you if you are feeling daunted starting your new course, struggling to complete the work, or not sure on some techniques such as planning or referencing. 

Do you need extra support to complete your college course, organising portfolios etc.

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In addition to the sessions & Courses listed below, we are always willing to offer you advice, guidance or support with employment or your courses at RHACC. Please feel free to come and see us at one of our drop in sessions or contact us at to arrange a specific appointment. Click here to view times.

Contact iag@rhacc.ac.uk for more information.